Firstory Studio users can easily distribute podcasts through our One-Click Distribution function, and Google Podcasts is one of these platforms. By default, the Firstory mailbox is used during automatic listing. If you wish you claim your show on Google Podcasts, this article may be helpful.

  1. Go to the "Distribution" page on Firstory Studio's Dashboard and tick the box for "Show personal email in RSS." Save your settings.

    Firstory RSS feed

  2. After waiting for about 10 minutes, copy the RSS feed and open it on your browser.

    Use Ctrl + F to search for "email."

    You have successfully shown your personal email if the email address you find is the one used when signing up for your Firstory Studio account.

    If not, please wait for another moment before checking again.

    what does an RSS feed look like?

  3. From Google Podcasts Manager, enter your RSS feed in the Add Feed field.

    claim your show on google podcasts

  4. Confirm the information and proceed with verification. You should receive the verification letter through the Email address "shown in RSS."

  5. After successful verification, you can start using Google Podcast Manager.

    Google Podcasts Manager dashboard

    If you have not distributed your show to Google Podcast, you won't be able to see any data in the meantime. However, if you've been on Google Podcast before, you'll be able to see the stats.

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