Podcast data are important assets for creators; it may even be sentimental. It would be a shame not to carry these numbers over when switching hosting services. As it is not yet possible for hosting platforms to automatically pass on these data during redirection, we at Firstory made a way for every transferring podcaster to manually enter their past records.

We trust our creators' honesty and do not review the encoded data. Additionally, the reason as to why Unique Downloads are not open for manual encoding is because this number undergoes Firstory's verification. This is the data advertisers use as basis, so accuracy is extremely crucial.

After completing your transfer (import) to Firstory, you can manually input your past podcast data.

  1. From your Dashboard, choose to Manually Add your data.

    manually add data on firstory

  2. Enter your previous data to store it (We automatically acquire your podcast's Spotify data, so make sure that the entered value excludes Spotify downloads to reflect your numbers more accurately).

import data on firstory

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