Should you find that your Spotify podcast did not automatically update after transferring to Firstory, you can manually refresh your show from Spotify for Podcasters to help speed up update.

Each directory periodically scan RSS feeds to reflect updates; hence, slight delays are normal. We suggest that a reasonable waiting time be within 4 hours. Carry out this manual updating resolution when such time has been exceeded.

  1. Log into Spotify for Podcasters. (If you have distributed your podcast prior to switching, you no longer need to go through the claiming process).

  2. From "Catalog," select the podcast you want to be updated.

  3. Go to "Details" > "Podcast Settings" and make sure that the "Link to RSS feed" displayed is your new Firstory RSS. If not, fill it in with your Firstory RSS and Update.

    spotify not updating after switching to Firstory

  4. Set the Hosting Provider as "Other/ I don't know."

  5. After reconfirming all these, select Submit and wait for the update.

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