Importing your podcast to Firstory means that Firstory will then host and deliver your show. In just a few steps, you'll be able to start using the Firstory-exclusive features!

Import your existing podcast

import podcast to Firstory Studio

import my show to Firstory
  1. Acquire and copy your podcast's RSS feed from your original podcast hosting (it's in the form of a URL).

  2. After setting up an account in Firstory Studio, choose to add a podcast and select "Import existing podcast."

  3. Confirm whether the displayed show is yours.

Set up redirection

  1. After importing, copy the Firstory RSS feed (URL) provided.

  2. Set up redirection from your original hosting platform (301 Redirect).

    redirect podcast to firstory

  3. Return to Firstory and Check Redirection after about 10 minutes to complete redirection.

After completing redirection, all podcast management and operations will be done in Firstory Studio. You may refer to the following article to learn about the Firstory-exclusive features worth trying out:

Things you should know after transferring to Firstory

Happy podcasting!

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