Firstory's built-in, direct monetization feature is currently only available in certain Asian regions.

However, many of our users earn income through their podcast through the following methods:

Open Up a Monetization Account or System

  • Getting listeners to become Patreon supporters.

    • Patreon is a 3rd-party platform that allows your listeners to support you for a small monthly fee, Usually, fans pay a subscription amount in exchange for exclusive content.

    • Example: XXX's Patreon page.

  • Getting listeners to support through donation.

    • Sites like Buy me a Coffee and Ko-Fi are more 3rd party platforms that allow listeners to send you their tips

    • Example: XXX's Buy Me a Coffee Page

  • Create a member-only feed or podcast membership.

    • Some 3rd party platforms that help you open a member-only feed or private subscription-based membership include:

    • This method is perfect if you don't want to insert ads into your podcast.

    • If you're getting a lot of audience-requested type of content, you can also use this to monetize your podcast content

  • Getting advertisers.

    • Some of our users have companies sponsor their podcasts.

Set Up Your Donation/ Monetization URL

If you've opened up a Patreon, Ko-Fi, Buy Me a Coffee, Paypal, membership, or other donation account, you can easily add in your donation URL into your show notes, podcast website, and universal FLink.

On Firstory Studio, go to your Promotion > Settings menu and Add an external link. Name the link button and paste your donation URL. Make sure to click save!


  • Under Promotion, go to the FLink menu and tick the "Show external links" checkbox. This will put your donation URL into your Firstory FLink and streamline your podcast promotion process.

  • The "Show donation links" you see in the image below is for the built-in Firstory monetization system available in select regions.

  • You can paste your donation URL into your show notes when uploading a new episode. Put this into your description template if you'd like it automatically added every time.

  • Your donation URL and other external links will automatically be added onto your podcast website.

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